EOLV installation in Palazzo Mora – Venice, Biënnale 2019

Royale Belge

Last year a beautiful iconic building in my neighbourhood was brought down in order to replace it with a new building – a condo to be build with small studio’s.
The iconic watermark was only 40 years old and absolutely not obsolete.
People saw it and very soon forgot how their street  was before.
During the demolition I took photo’s and video’s every day to have a memory of the block and the tearing down that had a certain beauty in itself. For that reason I hired a hotelroom in front of the building in order to have the best spot for my pictures.
With the covid-19 crisis starting I finally had time to think about it and do something with this content.
I mounted two pictures that were taken through a sort of round keyhole and mounted them in round old worn-out frames that I had found the year before in a tiny antique-shop in Paris. The video with a 7 minute loop of the teardown is shown on a i-phone locked into a helmet with a reflection to masks in Corona-time.

La Verità su Emanuela – The Truth about Emanuela

As shown on expo in Gent ( Face-Off 2019 )

End Of Legal Voyeurism installation in Palazzo Mora
Venice, Biënnale 2019

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